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TEP1 N-terminal repeat profile


Telomerase protein component 1 (TP1/TLP1) or TEP1 is a protein component of two ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes: vaults and telomerase. Vaults are large RNP particles with a barrel-like structure (see <PDOC51224>). The telomerase RNP replenishes incomplete chromosome termini due to DNA replication. Mammalian TEP1 is an RNA-binding protein and is required for the association of vault RNA with the vault particle [1,2]. The N-terminal part of TEP1 contains 4 copies of the TEP1 N-terminal repeat in tandem. The repeat is composed of 30 amino acids and occurs in combination with the TROVE (see <PDOC50988>) and NACHT (see <PDOC50837>) domains and with WD-40 repeats (see <PDOC00574>) in the C-terminal part.

The profile we developed covers the entire TEP1 N-terminal repeat.

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TEP1_N, PS51226; TEP1 N-terminal repeat profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsKickhoefer V.A. Liu Y. Kong L.B. Snow B.E. Stewart P.L. Harrington L. Rome L.H.
TitleThe Telomerase/vault-associated protein TEP1 is required for vault RNA stability and its association with the vault particle.
SourceJ. Cell Biol. 152:157-164(2001).
PubMed ID11149928

2AuthorsPoderycki M.J. Rome L.H. Harrington L. Kickhoefer V.A.
TitleThe p80 homology region of TEP1 is sufficient for its association with the telomerase and vault RNAs, and the vault particle.
SourceNucleic Acids Res. 33:893-902(2005).
PubMed ID15701761

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